ok so this is the new format in how im going to post my blogs to keep it interesting.

32km,Concon to Quilotta

What i learnt today

I learnt that its much slower to walk than it is to run, oh and heaps slower than driving! 🙂 I also learnt i must try and leave as early as possible as it gets too hot to walk past 1.

Song of the day

Wherever I may Roam by Metallica!

Thought of the day

music is awesome


  • Dad for the bluetooth headphones
  • Ryan for all the planing and support
  • My family (dont worry mum and happy birthday)
  • my friends and everyone who pressed like
  • Metallica
  • God


I got to quillota and everything was closed because its a sunday haha dam it! the hostals are off the beaten track and full, the hotels are way too expensive. Luckily i found this little place where i could get onto the internet, i started talking to them in my pigeon spanish and told them what im doing. They let me put up my tent in the back yard and i have all my meals and shower and wifi sorted 🙂 haha stoked. I will leave them a healthy donation though as it is still a humble dwelling by NZ standards. 2 days, and two failed hostal attempt and genuine good people to the rescue. I have decided not to push my luck and book a hostal tomorrow night as the following day i aim to try and do 42km (marathon with 25kg on the back) and a nice bed could help. Overall what an awesome first day walking. Tomorrow is a shorter day. Love it! ill chuck some photos up soon 🙂 i found the 1 thisstle to rule them all today.


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