21km/somewhere along highway 5

What I learnt:
Walking in the heat is actually twice as hard and I have to avoid it as I sweat more water than I can replace!

Thought of the day:
The comforts in life control our actions too much

Song of the day:
Freshman by the verve pipe!

– the remerez familia
– staff at shell
– ally 😉
– Italian stallion
– my knife

Today was very educational for me, cause of the lack of sleep and the earthquake making the dogs bark all night I didn’t start walking till 10. This is far too late as it is way to hot to walk in the afternoon but I had to in order to achieve my goal. This morning I was feeling good and set a 30km goal, but the heat played a huge role in not achieving this. I got to shell and realised I needed a rest so had a nap, I went to start walking again and said to myself “stop you egg, ur exhausted and you still have 9 days to complete this and you have already walked 1/4 of the way. It made realise I could have done another 8km maybe but would have wrecked myself and this is about endurance not daily distance. I’m not racing anyone haha.
I found a ditch behind shell to hide my stuff and used the shower in there with a cup from my thermos I filled with the hand soap and washed all my smelly clothes haha. I’m on their wifi now and looking forward to nestling in a couple of hours. I find great joy in doing things cheap and simple and myself. Other accomplishments is my hat was too hot so I turned it into a visor with my knife, leaving the shimano label of course! And I also cut half the rubber tread off my shoes so they would walk better on the road, this means I will use traction off trail but that is a long way away and I left some nobs at the front and back. So basically I love knives! That’s all for now 🙂

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