19km, unknown location alond highway 60

Thought of the day:

Mountains and rivers are cool

What i learnt:

You see more when you slow down

Song of the day:

Never say never, Justin Beiber. Jokes it was Fortunate son by Creedance.


-Everyone  who is following me who i have never met, i appreciate the support

-Savlon Cream or is it Creme??

-Diego and Santiago, for lunch



Not much to report today team, Walked 14km in the morning, then had a 6 hour layover at a camp i set up by the river for some shade. I was sick of using bus stops for breaks because you get that awful sound of traffic flying past. I ventured through a fence and set my self up riverside.  I made a small fire and boiled some river water and strained most of the silt out of it, but there was just enough left to make my dehydrated pasta a little crunchy. I had a siesta then pushed on and met a couple of young argentinean guys who threw in their desk jobs to travel for 3 months. My spanish is not getting too much better so the dinner was confusing but nice haha. I pushed on another few km and then set up camp. No internet so im a day behind in blogs but thats what ya get in the Andes! choice

Catch ya next time, hopefully ill be able to load up some of my photos as right now im using some random guys laptop.

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