7km/los andes

Thought of the day:

“people do not decide to become extraordinary, they decide to accomplish extraordinary things” Edmund Hillary

What i learnt:

Bodies need rest, and fuel, and if your pee is dark orange; that aint right!

Song of the day:

Shapeshifter, bring change


-grub (for change bringing) -Bernardo for the fresh peaches, -God


I slept in this morning till about 8. Then had breakfast, updated blogs, and looked at google maps for a couple of hours. I got cabin fever so i went exploring but everything was shut because it was midday which is siesta time is Los Andes. So back to the room it was. About 6 i hitched back to the spot i was picked up from yesterday to make up the km i missed. I met a guy called Bernardo who was walking to Los Andes from Santiage, and i traded him some water for a couple of massive peaches. I leisurely strolled back to my room via a pub for a cheeky cold one. I just watched a Zach Efron movie so i think its time i went to sleep.

Cant wait for tomorrow, im out of the city and into the mountains!

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