22km/ 6km north of rio blanco,

Thought of the day:
Up up up!

What I learnt:
No matter how fit or determined you are, success can come down the what condition your feet are in

Song of the day:
Creed, higher. Haha

-Spanish food!

I’m right in the middle of the Aconcagua river valley somewhere between rio blanco and portillo, I was hoping to put another 7km onto today but I made the call that I need to keep my feet in good condition for the climb tomorrow and the next day.
I had such an amazing day walking through the valley and watching the river snake it’s way through the gorge. At one stage I remembered thinking how sweet it would be to white water kayak back to the coast of chile after the climb cause the rapids looked so awesome. But I need to keep my mind on the task at hand. Future expedition perhaps? 240 km of grade 2 to 3+ and only 1 portage, anyone keen?
I am loving this beautiful country side. I just went for a wonder around, it’s 1am and its so humbling being in the middle of these great mountains. You could climb a peak a day and spend your whole life in the Andes.
Tomorrow, it’s portillo, then the next day is the border cross, so if I climatize well, only 3 more days of walking 🙂



One thought on “2 days till the border

  1. Davo been watchin with great entrigue sounds like you are soaking up life in ya adventure bro! Choice as blogs mate, tommrow morning when you wake up chuck your speakers in ya ears and crank PJ dissident, I reckon it will give you the boost you need for day of pumping ya quads! Go hard bro!!

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