23km/portillo 10km from the border of Argentina

Thought of the day:
….?? I think it’s time you guys told me your thought of the day

What I learnt:
Even though there are people around, you can still feel alone

Song of the day:
Get away, Katchafire

-the Chilean people
-the road workers giving me water, plasters and sun block
-me mate Mitch!

So I pushed pretty hard today and managed to make it to portillo. I covered 23km but had to climb up higher than mt Ruapehu, so today was probably my 2nd hardest yet, but it was sooo good to get up into some altitude. 28 windbacks in the road, hopefully you can see from the pics, and the odd cheeky tunnel for shade helped. I arrived around 1pm so took me under 7 hours to get here. it’s such a strange feeling having people and cars around me but feeling so distant from them. I have not had a conversation in English in 9 days, no one speaks it here. I really just want a beer and a yarn and some good old human interaction. It’s hard to explain but I am feeling pretty lonely during the walks. That’s when Katchafire comes to the rescue “I got to get away sometime, oh yea, I got to get away, to my special place” I sang this at the top of my lungs! I heard a road worker say “loco gringo” which means crazy foriegner 🙂
Once I was here I discovered there are no shops, no camping, no anything! So I had to check into the hotel up here 🙂 when in Rome!
After a sweet chicken burger I had a nap and caught up on blogging and route planning etc and waited for dinner.i had a couple of beers and ordered the king crab! Booya, it was off the chain. The sun was setting and I couldn’t resist going for a walk around the lake (pics in the gallery) I stumbled across some fisherman. With my pigeon Spanish I convinced one of them to give me a turn, about 5mins later I caught a sprat. I went to put it back and they freaked out and said “big fish!” I looked in their bucket and it really was a big fish haha, reminded me of when me mitch grub and bags went ‘marlin fishing’ in costa rica.
Tomorrow I am either going to do a 18km day or go hard and try and finish the whole walk. It all depends on what dramas I have to go through at the border. So there may be a chance I will be in Mendoza tomorrow! 3 days ahead of schedule.
Bring on the continental breakfast, I’m gonna wear my pants with big pockets, where are those army cargo’s from the 90’s when u need them!




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