Plaza de mulaz/ 31km 1600m altitude gain

What I learnt:
I finally felt the effects of altitude and you have to be careful and slow down!

Thought of the day:
I am so lucky

Song of the day:
I didn’t listen to music or sing anything so lets say…..the thong song by sisquo?

Woulter: my Belgium climbing buddy
Orviz: for the gears
Bivouac: for the gears

For some reason I decided to pair with a champion ultra marathon runner who runs 100km races in altitude for fun! He convinced me it would be a good idea to miss the first camp and go straight to plaza de mulaz shaving a day off. So off we set on the 11 hour trek. We were going really well until I hit 4000m and I realised this is 800m higher than I have ever been. So we slowed our pace down to get my heart beat back under control and did our last climb at a snails pace. We still made it to camp in 7 hours and set our tents up and reflected on the day.
I thought I was feeling pretty good until…..boom! I got hit witha migraine and my vision went all strange. I took some pills jumped into bed and finally got to sleep. But I woke up 12 hours later feeling sweet as. I knew I had a rest day to climatize tomorrow so I was not worried just uncomfortable. Stoked with another really tough and rewarding day 🙂



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