Puenta del inca

Thought of the day:
6 months of preparation and I am finally here. Strange feeling…

What I learnt:
leaving things to the last minute with mountaineering is not a good idea, there is so much to organise and you will always forget something

Song of the day:
Ben harper, burn to shine

-Orviz mountain shop,Mendoza; for hooking me up with extra gear and looking after me so well
-Wouter, my Belgium climbing friend
-everyone who has read a blog

Crazy buzy day but finally everything is organised and I am ready for the mountain. I am going to explain to you the procedure if you want to get a permit to climb Aconcagua 🙂 it’s crazy.
You have to bus or fly into Mendoza, which is a 3 to 4 hour bus ride away from the mountain. Then you have to go the the tourist office and register online and print off three documents. You then find a guiding company or at least a mule gear transport company to sign and stamp one of your forms, this costs between $200USD and $4000USD depending on the services you require. The next step is to take the stamped form to the tourist office, they will sign it and send you to another building 2 blocks away to pay for the permit $850. Then you go back to the office and they will give you your permit and you sign a liability waiver. Then you bus back to Aconcagua and hand the permit to the park office and sign in, they then give you your pass and a rubbish bag with a number for you to carry your rubbish and shit in. What goes in, must come out 🙂
All I can say is……good old New Zealand!


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