Thought of the day:
What an amazing place to take a rest day!

What I learnt:
I wanted to start climbing again so much! But I need to listen to my body.

Song of the day:
So much for the afterglow by Everclear (yea Mitch)

Lanko, for use of the long drop and swapping tea for Raro
Woulter, for being patient and hanging out
Trampolining crew, I was spinning some tramp yarns today. So many good times, I love you janine

Got up around 9 made some porridge then went to do my medical check up. I was really worried because of my migraine last night and the quick altitude gain I did. But they said I’m healthy fit and good to go. I let them take some blood for a survey they were running and scored a lollipop 🙂
I spent the day just relaxing, taking in the surroundings and eating a crap load as tomorrow I have a huge day!
I have decided to skip camp Canada tomorrow and hike straight to condolores, which is a 1200m 6-7 hour climb. We will drop some gear up there I’ve climbing boots and crampons, and head all the way back to base camp. This will be a huge day but climb high, sleep low! Thats our battle plan for climatizing. Early bed time now and back to practicing Spanish on my app.
Chow! Actually spelt ciao


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