Now in Sydney it is time for me to take a moment to reflect on the adventures I have had over the past few months. It truly has been the trip of a lifetime. Every big adventure has its hurdles as well as those unexpected moments of bliss, and this certainly was no different. I will start by briefly explaining my itinerary in south America followed by more detailed accounts of points of relevance.

Jan 4th till Feb 1st: sea 2 summit challenge, Chile and Argentina
Feb 2nd till 8th: rest and relax, Argentina- Buenos Aires & Mar Del Plata
Feb 9th till March 5th: tourist adventure, Bolivia- La Paz, Uyuni, Rurrenenbaque, Oruro, Copacabana
Mar 6th till Mar 18th: Surfing and Machupichu, Peru- Cusco, Lima, Mancora, Chicama
March 18th till Mar 22: final stop, Brazil- Rio De Janeiro

After the mountain I decided to go and visit some friends in Buenos Aires and have some R&R time. It was a great week seeing old friends and exploring a new city. I even shot down the coast to Mar Del Plata and got to go surfing 🙂 for those of you who know me can understand how therapeutic that must have been.

The next challenge that awaited me was getting back into Chile across the border as I had been in Argentina illegally I knew this could pose a problem. So when I got off the bus from Mendoza and went through customs I was immediately pulled aside and taken to the detectives office where they started their interrogation. I tried to tell them that I had not been to Argentina and I was just hanging out in the Andes for the last 30 days by myself and I was planning to join a bus at the border to get back to Santiago. Luckily my bus driver caught on to what I was doing and played along, and after about 40 minutes they decided to let me go, took my photo and suggested I do not try cross this border again for a while 🙂 success!

Next thing I know I’m on the plane to La Paz in Bolivia. Here I would join the adventure tourist mode of thousands of other young travellers. Bolivia was such an amazing country and despite not having a coastline it really has everything you could possible want and super cheap! The first thing on my agenda was Mardi Gras. There is the giant Mardi Gras in Rio and the other biggest one is in Oruro and chatters much more to locals and tradition. So geared up with my plastic poncho and a few foam spray cans (as well as a beer or 3) it was game on at the festival. Worst decision our tour group could have possibly made was to pick foam fights with the local kids, they really live for this week! It was an awesome day and I highly recommend it if you want to be immersed in the local culture and feel what Mardi Gras is truly about.

That’s enough for this blog, I’ll keep posting over the next week to complete the adventure. Some incredible stories yet to come! Including a trip into the jungle, ww rafting and Machupichu to name a few.




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