20130619-120316.jpgIt is now 1 month until I leave for Africa. This next adventure will be a big one! It is 370km from the coastal town of Tanga to the base of the mountain town called Moshi, and a further 30km to the summit.

Last adventure in South America I walked alpine style with all 30kg of my gear to the mountain, but the twist this time is that I am going to attempt to run the distance to Moshi. I plan to run/walk 9 marathons over a 10 day period while battling the African heat. This time I have my awesome partner Ally coming as support crew/cameraman/physio/nurse among other roles, so we should capture some incredible footage along the way.

I have been training my ass of for the past few months to achieve this never been done before challenge. I am going to need a heck of a lot of support on this one! So please get in behind this adventure.

My goal is to raise $5000 for the movember charity, with the money focussing on men’s mental health in NZ. This is a cause I am very passionate about so I urge you to get behind me and donate while following this adventure.
Movember donation

Keep following, spread the word!
Catch you soon


2 thoughts on “The countdown begins! One month till Africa

  1. Dave…mate, I cant help but notice that you have aimed for 9 marathons over 10 days?? LAZY!! what are you gonna do with yourself for a whole day?

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