This is by far the hardest photo i have ever taken. I had just got back to my tent after the summit window had squeezed away, and i knew that it was more than likely i would not get another shot at the summit on this trip. I was both mentally and physically beaten and feeling like a failure after 3 weeks of hard work. But what is the definition of failure?? oxford says “an unsuccessful person, enterprise, or thing”
This leads me to ponder the more important question: what is the definition of success? again referring to oxford “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose” but i believe success is to learn something that results in a positive change in ones views or lifestyle.

For me this photo now represents ‘success’ in the way that i will never forget how devastated i felt at that moment but i would not change any of the decisions i made that day. At that moment i learnt, in the great words of Dr Kelso from Scrubs “nothing in this life worth having, comes easy”

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