In 12 hours we will be on a plane to South Africa where I will spend two weeks tapering my training and recovering from the toughest running week I have ever done. In the past 7 days I have run close to 200km including a coupe of marathons and some fast 30+ km runs. I am as ready as I was ever going to be, my muscles feel great, it’s just the razor blades someone put in my left knee while I was sleeping that are causing some issues. After my final Perth run this morning along the river I am packed and ready to go. I am really going to miss running along the picturesque Swan river, around the Bibra lake nature trail, and up the white west coast. What a beautiful city to train in.
I have some fantastic runs planned along the southern coast of South Africa before heading to Tanzania, so stay tuned for more pics and stories on this epic adventure. Please check out the article currently up on NZd’s premier men’s lifestyle magazine getfrank.

This is the gear that will be getting me to that mountain!


Perth coast


Bibra lake


Swan River


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