We have been in South Africa for a week now. In that time we have been surfing a few times, climbed up a mountain, driven along the coast, seen the sights, cage dived with great whites, toured vineyards, had beautiful food and made some great friends.

We finally arrived in Cape Town after numerous delays and were met by my Kiwi friends Matt and Keegan. We are travelling on a budget tighter than a docking ring so it was a blessing to find free accommodation and a surfboard had been organised the next two weeks! It doesn’t get any better than that! To show jet-lag who was the boss we climbed up lions head, which is a 40 minute climb up a beautiful rock cone to see views of the whole city.

First impressions do not come any better than that. We made the call to go surfing in the morning so we crashed out and I slept properly for the first time in 48 hours. We enjoyed a real cruisy next couple of days seeing the sights and surfing. We scored an epic session at a spot called Kalk bay, where 4 foot heaving slab barrels took me to school!

It had been a long time since I had surfed waves that powerful so once again I was humbled by the power of the ocean. We managed to pick off a few beauties and paddled in for a beer and a shot of Jäger to warm up. We then made sandwiches for the homeless to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

The next day Ally and I went for a 15km trail run along table mountain and up devils peak. I have done a lot of trail running in NZ but this was something else all together. I really felt like we were in Africa. It is hard to explain this experience in words, luckily I don’t have to! See the pics below.

For Ally’s birthday we had a beautiful day wine tasting in Franschoek. For a whopping $17 you tour around 5 of the best vineyards Cape Town has to offer tasting a wide variety of decadent wines on a restored turn of the century tram. This was the perfect way to celebrate the occasion and I highly recommend everyone goes to Franschoek. I still hate olives and blue cheese though!

Something I have always wanted to do since becoming addicted to the Nat Geo channel was to cage dive with great whites. I knew this would be our only chance so we splashed out 1050 rand ($115AUD) and took the plunge 😉 let me set the scene…. It’s cold 10m viability water, and a tuna head is floating a meter from the cage. Quietly a shadow slowly rises from the depths and starts circling me below, meanwhile I frantically checked the go pro was recording. At next glance the murkey water disguised an ominous looking great white side on to me, it suddenly turned and attacked the bait, all I could see was a razor toothed open mouth I could shove a basketball into coming straight at me. With precision control the 4m, 1300kg monster turned its head just before hitting the cage and disappeared back into the depths.

Stage two of SA has now begun as we head on a road trip to Jeffrey’s Bay where 5m swells await and to Knysna to do some more training. This time next week we are off to Tanzania where the real work begins!! I am really looking forward to start this monkeys journey off my back.










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