As I lay here in bed I can’t help but think…’what have I forgotten’ no matter how many hours I spend planning for an adventure that feeling always plagues me. Usually I am a minimalist when it comes to planning and often take the kiwi approach of ‘she’ll be right’ but this time I have made a concerted effort to get everything organised.
In the past couple of days in Dar es Salaam we have organised our transportation for the next month, data and sim card for phones and iPad, sports equipment for volunteer work post sea2summit, and completed inventory and budget checks. We have also made a new friend Servasi, who has helped us out with everything and been our chauffeur/tour guide.

So what is left I keep asking myself?….
Well, we will soon find out!
We leave for the northern coastal town of Tanga tomorrow for our final day before the sea2summit adventure begins.
Daily posts start from now on, so please follow and keep in touch.

P.s. go the chiefs!20130803-223001.jpg

One thought on “2 days until run, final touches being made

  1. Hey Dave,

    This was so cool,
    Am starting count on you for kilimanjaro(KLM) the place of natural water from KLM mountain.good luck.
    Let’s us know the story and show us pictures….

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