After dodging cars and people in Dar we finally made it to Tanga after a 6 hour drive. Ally did an amazing job getting used to the driving style over here and we both are feeling pretty confident that our plan is going to work. The battle plan is like this……
1. I wake up 5am have breakfast and get ready for the day
2. Start running around 6am
3. Around 8am Ally will meet me along the road and give me some more supplies and encouragement.
4. The car drives ahead around 5km and waits for me and repeats this process until my daily target is reached hopefully before midday as it gets too hot to run.
5. Mark on the gps where I stopped so I start from that exact spot in the morning.
6. Finish the run for the day and find some accommodation.

If this works we will repeat this process until Moshi in 9 days time.

This is the route I am taking and the km’s outlined along the way

I am usually a wing it/she’ll be right, king of guy. This time I have made a concerted effort to plan this adventure meticulously. Still I lay in bed with that feeling we can all relate to, what have I forgotten? have I prepared properly? I have been waiting for this night for 3 months and put my body through hell, now that I am here my brain is a cauldron of emotions.
It is all real now and there is no turning back. I know the best way to find the answer to these questions, and it involves me going to sleep now.

Just a reminder that a strong purpose of this run is to raise money and awareness for male mental health in NZ so please follow the blog to find out how you can help this cause.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you


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