Muhiza to Korogwe


Time: 5hrs 25min, Pace: 7min 43sec/km

Altitude: 270m
Altitude gain: 99m

Thought of the day:
Remember the bigger picture, preservation of my joints is the key!

What I learnt:
I need to make sure I am carefully not to push myself to much on the hills and hydration is key when the sun comes out. Also do not listen to metal music if I am wanting to run slow.

Song of the day:
Aladdin- a whole new world. Joking it was Periscopes by The beautiful girls. Aladdin was on my shuffle though? I blame Amy for this.

-everyone for liking my posts and giving me words of encouragement, it really helps

Today was a lot tougher than yesterday, not just because I was sore from yesterday but mainly due to the hills and the heat. I was constantly running up and down, and the heat at 12 was making it difficult to remain hydrated. Overall though it was reasonable straight forward and by slowing down a little my muscles feel pretty good right now.
I really need to get better at Swahili I still feel so rude when the locals yell out words of encouragement or say hello and I reply with a thumbs up or some other 80’s hand gesture. I am going to try get an audio book i can listen to while I run. Day 3 tomorrow and I am looking forward to getting into some beautiful scenery of the mountains.

“lifeis either a great adventure, or nothing” Helen Keller

Me after 42km today



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