Location: just before Mombo

Altitude: 412m, gain of 195m

Time: 5hrs 15min, 7min/km

Thought of the day:
Is it still a good deed if it was not your intension?

What I learnt:
Today was a self exploration day. I am still unsure if I learnt anything but I will get into this more deeply below.

Song of the day:
Pearl Jam- just breath

– Ally for putting up with me being grumpy and introverted today
– USANA supplements and vitamins
– the Movember Foundation
– bivouac outdoors
– number 1 fan Grub G

Ok, so today I’m going to get a little deep and heavy, but that is what mood I was in during the run. To put it bluntly I am struggling with the true motivation behind me doing this challenge. The charity I have attached to this adventure is one I feel very strongly about as last year I lost 2 friends to the disease of depression. Kiwi men have a reputation of being to proud to reach out when they need help. But before this affiliation was made, an intrinsic desire gave birth to this concept. When I was presented with the challenge by my good friend Ryan I immediately knew that this was a journey I wanted to go on. But why?? To see the world? To get famous? To enhance my career? Bragging rights? Ego? Sheer thirst for challenge?
This is the question I could not shake for almost 30km today. I would like to look back on my life and feel I was a selfless person, but all of the above factors do not seem to steer me down that path. I do not yet have an answer to this question but before this sea2summit is finished I very much hope I do.

Let each of you look not only to his own interest, but also to the interest of others
Philippians 2:4


2 thoughts on “Day 3: my inner battle, why am I doing this?

  1. Also: to enjoy; the world, the people, the experience, the endorphines… And then to share and inspire.
    Never forget you could be sitting at an office desk right now as well, imagine…

  2. It can be argued that no action is ever selfless. We are not responsible for other peoples happiness we can only hope that by living a full life that makes us happy, we will inadvertently make others happy.

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