Location: Buiko

Distance: 42km

Time: 5hours 1min/7min per km

Thought of the day:
The importance of friends and family

What I learnt:
To listen to the signs right in front of me! And accept help

– Ally, for putting up with my pig-headedness and steering me in the right direction
– my family and friends
– everyone for all the amazing support and comments over the past 4 days! It really keeps me going
– god

Today everything was going perfectly, I had done the first half in 2hrs 20 and was feeling really good. Then I set the target of finishing in under 5 hours again. I justified this target by telling myself I was running fast to avoid the midday heat. The sun came out in full force by 10am and it was scorching, but instead of slowing down I pushed through. At my pace I was unable to successfully replace my water and electrolytes which meant I was rapidly heading towards heat exhaustion. By the time I finished I was light headed and slightly irrational, a few more km and I believe I would have been in real trouble. This reminded me of my collapse in Chile during my previous sea 2 summit, when I told myself it would never happen again. I have decided that if the heat gets too much I need to stop, cool down and wait for the afternoon cloud cover and concentrate on safe completion rather than getting a fast time. No one has done this before so who am I racing? I have always strived to push myself to the limits, but at what cost?? Some more questions for me to ponder on my slower pace tomorrow.

P.s. always wear sun block and reapply people, reapply! Sorry mum

“The man with insight enough to admit his limitations comes nearest to perfection”
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


2 thoughts on “Day 4: close call

  1. Wow Davey! So in awe of you. Look after yourself. You have already exceeded every expectation just by attempting this. xx

  2. Hi Dave what an amazing journey you are having but just as others have said remember to take care of yourself, know your limitations and know when to just take that time to rest and breathe ready for the next part. Take care and know that god is only a prayer away when things are getting a bit tough. 🙂 Bless you

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