I would love to say that I don’t need any help and can run all consecutive marathons on true grit alone, but unfortunately this is not the case. My concoction of potions is shown above. A friend of mine Lisa Tamati (nz ultra marathon legend) guided me towards Usana supplements. I have been training and taking usana supplements for almost 3 months now and I strongly recommend them. They have held my joints together and helped drag me out of bed at 5am to go pound the pavement for hours.
I have really noticed the difference here in Africa as it is very hard to get a complete diet. There is very limited food variety and it is hard to find 4 balanced meals a day. Normally I am a huge breakfast person but have been functioning off a couple of pieces of fruit and a boiled egg. The supplements have helped fill those gaps I am missing. Food=fuel and fuel=energy and energy=performance. The better the fuel the better the performance.
To put it simply I am feeling pretty good after 126km, and it is not all because of my training.

If you would like to try them please email Wendy and mention this article and she will look after you well. wendy@ultimatehealth.co.nz

I would also like to thank Wendy and her husband Mike Allsop (who ran 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days using Usana) for their kind donation towards the sea2summit7 adventure.

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