Location: Same

Distance: 42km

Time: 4hrs 40, Pace: 6 min 40/km

Altitude: 881

Thought of the day:
How much is body, and how much is mind?

What I learnt:
Make the most of time when you are feeling good, be positive and set smaller targets to tick off as you go.

Song of the day:
Metallica, The day that never comes. But really just Metallica in general, they get me so amped up!

– Lisa Tamati for all her encouragement and advice
– Ally for joining me for some of the run today
– Siblings, great to talk to you
– the director of ‘Willow’ for making an awesome movie! Willow
– God
– Everyone following

Have you ever had a race, game, workout, surf or exercise when everything just seems to be working perfectly and you get in that zone where you feel untouchable?
This is how I felt today. I was finally blessed some cloud cover to get away from that killer sun that sets in about 10am so I decided to make full use of it. I set out before 6 with my head lamp on and was feeling good, and after about 5km at 7:40/km my joints had warmed up and I was ready to rumble. It has taken 5 days of fighting but I finally feel like my body has given up resisting and is playing ball. It’s almost like my joints and muscles have reached a level of exhaustion and pain and have plateaued.
Everybody has heard the cliches about it being 80% mental and 20% physical or something similar, but it is today that I bow to this statement. When doing endurance events it’s all about convincing your body that it has no choice but to put one foot in front of the other and repeat this motion. I have found the other trick is to eliminate all the justifications you can use to allow yourself to walk or stop. Thoughts like ‘my breakfast wasn’t good enough’ or ‘these shoes are not right for this’ and my old personal favourite ‘I need to save my energy’
The way I see it, just keep going and you will feel better when you finish. After all the purposing of exercise is to feel better about yourself. Today I lay down a challenge, think of something physical that you have always wanted to do but have been using excuses to procrastinate and next week make it happen!

“our greatest weakness lies in giving up, the most certain way to succeed is to always try just one more time” Thomas A. Edison

Sexy split running shorts



20130810-204318.jpg Boiled eggs for morning tea

3 thoughts on “Day 6: finding a rhythem

  1. Yeah bro. I grace Long Bay beach with my split running shorts from time to time, I’m sure it’s why property prices are going up round here…..

  2. Hi Dave. I went to uni with Nathan. Pretty impressive challenge you are doing. Any cause in particular? enjoy the Lords shepherding as you run. I am thinking about how He walked with the disciples on the road to Emaeus after His resurrection. All the best!

    1. Hi tim, sorry about the late reply. I am running to raise money and awareness for male mental health in NZ. Cheers for following

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