Location: 20km from Moshi

Altitude: 890m

Distance: 42km

Time: 4hrs28min, Pace: 6:20min/km

Thought of the day:
What am I going to feel when I finish? Will I drop to my knees in elation? Or feel sad that it is now all over?

What I have learnt:
When you do something consecutively for long enough it really becomes a part of you. A marathon is an unusual daily routine but somehow this has happened? When I heard the story of the guy that spent a year rolling across India I was in shock and disbelief. Now in a strange way I can understand how he attached this incredible feat to his daily existence.

Song of the day: I’m not sure…. So please tell me your song of the day 🙂

– my running partners over the years: Matt Rea, Nathan Williams, Ally Rumble, Carly Bache, Spesty Martens
– god

I know my above comments seem strange, and I am not really sure what is happening to me, but I have been doing the following routine now for 8 days in a row.
– wake up 5am, take my pills, put on my running clothes, apply deep heat or voltaren gell
– pack up the bags and have breakfast, drink a berocca or milo (if applicable)
– mix up my electrolytes and fill up my running bladder, get the head torch ready
– organise all the electronics, running watch, iPod, headphones, shoe pod, iPad with map my run
– go to the exact location I finished the run yesterday
(I should mention Ally does 80% of this while I winge and moan)
Tomorrow morning this will be the final time we will do this routine. Most of me is exited, but I know part of me will feel lost on Wednesday morning. Do not get me wrong this has been freakin hard! and my body is dying for a rest, but at the same time I will miss having such a specific and difficult goal to strive towards. Today was my fastest run yet, which has been the case for the past 3 days. I have been trying to figure out a scientific explanation to this question so I can sound really smart right now. Here I go.. “my body has adapted to the stress it has been routinely exposed to, thus causing the defence mechanism of limiting movement at the joints to prevent injury and muscle wear” David Williams 2013. Basically this just means I have changed my running style to this weird shuffle so I don’t get tired as easily.
So back to my original thought of how will I react midday tomorrow when I finish phase 1, I guess we will all find out in 24 hours.

“when in doubt, be ridiculous”
Sherwood Smith

I’m running so fast it’s all blurry!

This is what I would look like at 30 if I continued this daily routine


3 thoughts on “Day 8: almost there

  1. Dave, impressive stuff! Having 4 kids under 5 will be a walk in the park for you. Seriously, very cool what you are achieving.

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