dave bush
Location: Cascade track in the bush

Distance/time: 39km, 189km total, 11 hours

What i learnt:
decisions are so much harder to make when your tired. Having good gear makes things sooooo much easier

Thought of the day:
would you rather loose an arm or a leg?

Wayne Mataiti- The man
Bivouac Outdoors- Especially with the rain today the gear really came into play
Mental health foundation of NZ

Last night there was stinging rain, sideways rain, big old fat rain, and sometimes there was rain that came up from the bottom! I knew that all the rivers would be rising so we needed to get through the lower bush section and to some higher ground while the streams could still be crossed. We left the comforts of our hut and went out to battle the elements but at least we were able to dry all of our gear over night. There is something about walking through the bush in the rain that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I have not been home in 11 months and this felt like I was back in the Waitakere ranges, i wasn’t sure if it was a rain drop running down my cheek or a cheeky little tear but i couldn’t have been happier.
After 20km and a few dodgey balancing acts walking over fallen trees we managed to safely make it to our track junction and lunch destination where we were rewarded with our first glimpse of Mt Kozzy. Seeing our target gave me a psychological boost and brought a welcome distration from the pain in my feet. Now walking along the Cascade track the vegetation become more sparse which meant we could spot the wild Brumbies through the trees and were gaining valuable altitude. We dropped into a valley that all of the wind in Australia happened to be funneling into and i could see a massive rain bomb coming in. Because we were still reasonably dry Ryan and I decided to quickly set up the tent on the track side for shelter so we could cook some dinner and come up with a plan. The rain bomb was intense and if we were not in the alpine MSR tent Bivouac gave me we would have been soaked and probably blown away. This is when having good gear really comes into its own. After dinner we ummed and aahed but decided that we would spend the night where we are which meant for a slightly bigger day tomorrow but we couldn’t afford to risk walking anymore in these elements.
Overall it was a day filled with challenges and decision making but that’s what i love about adventuring as if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Side note: do not wait for a Kathmandu sale, go to Bivouac in Sylvia Park and say Dave from Sea2summit7 sent you and get some descent gear 🙂

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