During 2013 there were countless times I dreamt of being back in my own warm bed with all the luxuries of home, but I can tell you there were many more moments where I was blown away by what was directly in front of me.

It has been a while since I have done a post and to be honest, the reason is because I have not been sure what to write about. Until now that is. It was strange being back home as I had become so accustomed to the transient lifestyle that living out of a backpack and changing rooms every few days was the new norm. Seeing my friends and family again was one of the most special things I have experienced as they mean everything to me. To feel that much love and support from a group of people is something I will always carry with me.

Mental health problems are not something we can deal with on our own, we are programed to depend and lean on each other and this last year has shown me exactly how powerful a support network can be whatever challenge you face. My quest to raise $100,000 for Male mental health has only just begun. Having directly experienced how powerful the mind can be last year, I am more motivated than ever to achieve my goals, but I still need your help. From the bottom of my heart I thank everybody following this journey to date, you have directly been a contributor to the current success of Sea2Summit7.

This leads me to the next chapter of Sea2Summit7. I am currently one of 6 finalist contending for a share of $25,000 to go towards my next adventure of Mt Elbrus in Russia. This is through the Yealand’s raise a glass campaign and the share of money depends on how many votes you get. Please follow this link, watch my video and vote for Dave (max once per day) and help Sea2Summit7 get one step closer towards a dream.  

Remember to take the path less travelled.

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