With only 12 days to go I thought I better give you a look into my training and life for the next couple of weeks.

I am still teaching fulltime so the only way I can get in the km’s is running to and from work (14km each way) most days of the week and a long run in the weekend. When I am not training my time is usually spent planning the logistics of the upcoming summit. The training is tedious and mostly in the dark wet and cold thanks to good old Auckland winter but a means to an end none the less. Last year I was only working part time while training in a new and exciting environment so this really has been a huge test of my mental fortitude to pound the pavement day in and day out. The personal growth and mental strength I gained from last years sea2summit7 challenges has equiped me with the nessesary tools to dig deep and continue to throw one foot after the other.

I am on a full health binge to maximise recovery and energy levels (with the odd Sunday treat) and I am feeling all the better for it. Six small meals a day topped up with supplements, electrolytes and the odd pain killer!


In some other huge news! Once again the crew at Bivouac have come to the party and generously topped up the kit to make sure I have all of the best quality gear for Mt Elbrus. Gear not only saves your life but also takes away the excuse of ‘I couldn’t continue because my gear is not good enough.’ If it’s quality gear at  good value then you cannot go past the NZ owned Bivouac outdoors as the staff are actually committed to adventure and practice what they preach. Mention sea2summit7 and they will look after you 🙂

20140616-193916-70756658.jpgThanks Matt, Andrew, Chris and Sylvia Park

It would be great to see a few donations roll in to kick start this next sea2summit7 mission so please donate a few $ to raise money and awareness for male mental health at http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/DavidWilliams/

Get amongst it

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