Location: Jvari to Nishini

Distance: 42km, 4hrs 2 minutes

Thought of the day: make the most of your opportunities

Song of the day: One- shapeshifter

Today’s post is dedicated to:
– everyone who has helped others suffering from mental illness
– everyone fighting an inner battle
– keeping an open mind and reserving judgement
– breaking the mould of the kiwi make and asking for help

As I ran through some of the most breathtaking scenery I have ever witnessed (including all of our splendours back home) the thought of those back home who are unable to see through the cloud that is over them weighed heavily on my heart. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to experience corners of this world few tourists will ever see. Today I ran the whole Marathon next to one of the most wild, raw and unique rivers I have ever seen. It was a surreal feeling to find such tranquility in something so ferocious. I believe this is also what draws me to the mountains as in one day there my be not a breath of wind and crystal blue sky only to be scrambling for your life in a white out only a few hours later.
This feeling can also relate to people suffering from mental illness as they can be suddenly consumed by an irresistible force preventing progress and altering perception.DSCF0263 DSCF0290

I have been inundated with love and support from family, friends and even strangers during this adventure which I am extremely grateful for. But now I ask for you to reach out to those you know who are struggling and give them a high-five, meet for a coffee, go fishing, climbing, camping, shopping, watch a movie, yarn about the good old days, plan a trip, send a text, knock on a door just anything really but make a move.

During the second half of the run I pretty much zoned out without music or support and just enjoyed living in the present and the km’s just peeled off, until…. I reached Boris with only three km to go only to find the battery had gone flat and we were stranded. It was getting dark now and we sent the translator (Zarina) off to do her thing, after about 30 minutes a serious looking fellow pulls up with some wires and a knife and fashions some jumper leads. All instincts told us we were screwed but sure enough Georgian ingenuity prevailed and we were on our way. I finally finished around 10pm but starting to run again cold after 39km in the dark took a bit of digging deep.DSCF0297

Overall this has been the best day of the trip so far and wouldn’t have changed a moment.
If you have been following this journey and would like to make a difference then please follow this link to donate towards male mental health in New Zealand.
My overall motivation is to raise $100,000 so every dollar counts.
If you find yourself having a bad day just remember once the pain is stripped away joy will take its place

Take the path less travelled


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