Location: Mestia

Distance: 11km

Thought of the day: sometimes I am so caught up in distance and time I forget to look around and enjoy what is in front of me

Song of the day: Poi E

Thank you:
Raise a glass #yealands, Bivouac Outdoors, Suunto, Takanini Physio, the big guy upstairs

I finally completed the final 11km of road today and even though it has been incredible running along the Mestia River I am very excited to go off road. My original plan was to hang out during the day in until it cooled down and complete a further 15km of track up the Nakra river and camp out for the night. When I arrived in Mestia my plan changed instantly as I fell in love with this little town. The only way I can describe it is and eclectic blend of Queenstown, Canadian log cabins, and Aspen.

The government has put a lot of effort to create a developing adventurers playground on a budget. In winter you can ski, board and climb, and in summer you can trek, climb, quad bike, and visit plenty of historic sites. The white water kayaking potential gets a special mention as this time of year with the snow melt there is unlimited km’s of grade 3 to 5 rapids that have probably never been run! This is actually a frothing kayakers heaven. Do not come here expecting the high roller treatment (yet) as it is still extremely basic and the signs of poverty and subsistence living are still ripe but given the historic oppression and adversity the generations have faced the people seem to have found some peace here. We have found nothing but warm welcomes here and in the words of Rich the business man “let’s buy some land here, give it 15 years, it will be booming” and I totally agree with him.

I decided to have somewhat of a rest day as my joints were getting pretty sore and go for the big push tomorrow all the way from the track entrance and back. I have been doing these type of ‘compressed adventures’ during training sea to summits back home like Mt Pirongia and Mt Taranaki so I was both mentally and physically prepared to go for my toughest and longest day of this adventure so far. I am really excited to get in the mountains as there is only so long I can stare at them! but I need to be patient and prepare properly. It is almost like I am getting wise in my old age.

That is all for now, as I need an early night to prepare for a 3am start and a 13 hour day.

On your way to work tomorrow go a different way, without crashing take a good look around you, read signs, take a few back roads, and examine some architecture.

2 thoughts on “Day 4- Mestia, the Queenstown of Georgia

  1. Hey Bro,
    Loving reading your blog each morning!
    Massively proud of you day by day, and will be thinking of you next time I head off road.

    Still not loving the mid foot strike.

    God bless,


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