In January 2013 I was unsuccessful in my first sea to summit attempt as I was forced to turn around on my final summit push of Mt Aconcagua (Argentina) on day number 28.

This coming January I will return to Mt Aconcagua to once again attempt the summit. I will use the money raised in this Spark My Potential campaign to finally conquer the mountain that previously eluded me. This time I will knock the bastard off!


My aim is to raise awareness for mental health. As a school health teacher I have seen first hand the importance of this issue as well as recently having two friends lose their fight against depression. During these adventures I have found myself in extremely fragile mental states and had to dig deep to continue when all I wanted to do was give up. I have experienced first hand how powerful and deceptive the mind can be.

“two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” Robert Frost


Breakdown of costs:

– Flights and transfers for myself and support person/cameraman $6100

– Rental car during six day run from coast $700

– Mountain and park fees $2200

– Accommodation and living costs $600

– Mules to transfer climbing gear $400


All backers will be able to follow and share my journey through my blog and Facebook and become a part of a world first. And, because Ryan will document the entire journey, you’ll have a front seat view!

If you donate over $300 you will get a Sea2summit7 branded t-shirt made from Icebreaker merino wool to keep you warm when you’re outdoors.

Any contributors who pledge over $1000 will receive advertising opportunities on my website which has an audience of thousands and if you pledge over $2000 I’ll provide you with branding opportunities on my clothing and climbing gear. You will also receive exposure through interviews conducted and articles written about my journey.

So please share this story and be a part of something special

Watch the Video 🙂

Get amoungst it!

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