Location- Llay Llay (yay yay)

Distance/time- 42km/3:52min

Song of the day- Run to the hills: Iron Maiden

Thought of the day- which needs more training? The mind or the body?

Thanks- The boys for the epic Skype call on New Year’s Eve, Nick Carroll and Total Sport events, Fabian and Abby at Takanini physio for keeping me together, God

So today on the open road I started pondering the age old endurance cliche of training the mind is more important than the body. Over the past two years I have spent thousands of hours training my body so it maintains a level of fitness where I can complete these challenges.

The river bed from Aconcagua, my first sign of the mountain!


When I prepared for Kilimanjaro S2S I cut out all fats and sugar, no alcohol, ran up to 230km a week and ate extremely large healthy meals. It was probably the hardest and most depressing time of my life, but those three months allowed me to build a base that I am now able to draw upon on as long as I maintain a certain level of fitness. I am doing this challenge for mental health so for my own mental well being I decided to take a slightly different approach preparing for this S2S compared to the previous four. When I felt like a beer, I had a beer. When I wanted a burger, I ate a burger, I ran much more sporadically and in new and exciting places instead of the same route to and from work.

I figured that after all my experiences my mind was strong enough to handle the km’s and repetition of consecutive marathons in unchanging terrain, so this was about finding a balance in my life so I could enjoy the odd guilty pleasure, whilst adventuring to new and exciting running territories. I decided to enter a few of the Total Sport Ultra and trail Marathons to really test myself and spread the events out over three months to maintain my base level of fitness. The lessons I have learnt from running almost 10 hours straight, through the bush have been vital to the preparation of my forthcoming climb. Our body’s give us little distress signals when things are not balanced and I found by listening and understanding these signals I know just how hard I can safely push myself before s$#t hits the fan.

If you are only a road runner I strongly recommend to leave your comfort zone and venture out into the many bushy playgrounds we have on our doorstep as you may find running change from a chore into a pleasure. For me running became a means to an end with my previous two S2S7 adventures, but this time I focused on my Hauora or well-being by finding a balance in life. Long story short, I am enjoying these runs far more than previously and I 100% believe it is because my mind and soul were in a much better place on the start line.


Take the path less travelled

No running on the expressway they reckon??!


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