This will be the sixth time I have had to prepare for a sea2summit7 adventure in just over two years so it is important to keep things fresh and exciting to stay motivated on this mammoth quest. New initiatives allow me to see this challenge from a different aspect and convince me that this is both achievable and tangible.

This time I want to take you all on my journey of preparation so you get an intimate view of what the whole picture of sea2summit7 entails. 

People who suffer from mental health problems go through a similar journey where they think they have conquered their summit only to find a higher more technical peak appear on the horizon which requires a new arsenal of skills to climb it. People with mental health problems do not get rest days so neither should we.

Choose one or all of the challenges bellow and get involved in March Mount Madness

– At least one mountain per day

– 310km goal for march (pick your own distance)

– No added sugar

– 1 bottle of wine or 3 beers a week

– No junk food

– Healthy eating

I will be running some interval training style workouts at various Auckland locations for all abilities throughout the month so come along and bring $5 as all the money will go to the charity. 

Get amongst it!

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