If I am completely honest I really did not feeling like running today. It was Friday afternoon and I have battled through work and training while being sick this week and yes, it’s raining. 

But….suck it up and get out there Dave! I actually sat in my van for about 10 minutes double checking my watch and headphones. After about five minutes into the run I was loving it again, and a few gangster rap tunes pumping into my ears was great fuel. 

Two triggs and a few of Awhitu is a great way to finish rthe work week.

View of the crater.

If you ever wanted a healthy, easy, two ingredient pancake recipe then check this out http://www.food.com/recipe/2-ingredients-eggs-banana-pancakes-501408

Tomorrow it will be one week into MMM and I will take you through my training dairy and give you some ideas on how to make your own. 

Get out there! Get amongst it!


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