Sorry team but I didn’t get an opportunity to post yesterday and only just got home tonight so I’m hitting you with a double banger.

Day 9: One Tree Hill

Ok….wow…. I ran around the diameter of the whole park and it was over 7km! It took me almost 30minutes just to run around this mammoth reserve. How blessed are we to have such a gigantic playground right in the middle of Auckland and prime real estate. The land must be worth Billions! I hope that every acre of this place stays the way it is forever and no greedy developers or government get their hands on it. 

One of my great epiphanies during this run was that it was hilarious seeing cows and sheep eating grass that was poking into million dollar Royal Oak real estate, and another was that this domain was being utilised by such a fantastic eclectic mix of people all out and about having a great time. I even had my own band of bag pipes, playing all my favourite Scottish jams as I ran through the northern part. 

No filter!

Day 10: I decided to hit up a double tonight by linking Mt St John and Mt Hobson (both of which I had never been up!) into one 6km run. It was awesome to see Auckland from two brand new perspectives as well as run with some friends for the first time during MMM. 

Your homework is to follow this link  Auckland Volcanic cones and go walk up some new ones after or before work. Especially if you are frustrated with Aucklands traffic situation this could be a great way to rediscover some love for the city as well as waiting for peak hour to pass. 

I was really grumpy today due to the fact I was over not eating any treats, sugar or beer until a lovely friend of mine gave me some healthy snacks to eat in moderation 🙂 made my day! Here is a link to that recipe Peanut butter energy balls

Get amongst it team, Kia kaha

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