How many people would love to receive this prescription from their doctor ‘do nothing, eat and put on some fat’

At first I thought this was going to be awesome, as my body had finally had enough after two and a half years of almost constant training and sea to summit adventures, my immune system had become about as effective as a down jacket in the rain. The first few weeks were pretty choice I must say, spending a fair amount of time with my new friends Gravy and Chips. After a while I started to miss that feeling of getting out of bed, hardly managing the walk to the shower, while tripping over my Inov-8 shoes covered in mud and hook grass seeds.

It was almost three months now since I had last run more than 15km and took the doctors advice a little too literally as with the help from my new friends I had grown a generous new belly I affectionately call Francis . My lack of respect to routines and sport science had gotten my into this situation so I needed a different less ignorant approach to get my body and mind back on track and stronger than ever.

My action plan was simple, shred fat, get my diet back on track, and start building up the km’s again. After Aconcagua my running gear was more tired than Octomum so it was time to shoot into Bivouac to restock. Much to my delight Bivouac now stock a full range of Inov-8 running gear so as well as shoes I got decked out with everything I needed to smash out my training program. Having the right gear really is a great motivator to lace up get out there when the weather is fighting against your brain.


After suffering such a major mental and physical setback it feels truly amazing to be back out there again pushing myself to the limits and I am more motivated than ever to take Sea2Summit7 to the next level. Thanks again to everyone who has supported this journey to date, but spread the word as we have a long way to go yet!

Take the Path Less Traveled


12km training run along the beach in Port Douglas at sunrise

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