Now that I am feeling a bit better I need to build my strength and immunity back up. My health adviser Jay Harrison directed me to the awesome health shop called Indigo. The friendly staff there pointed me in the right direction to what a need both now and while on the mountain. So I am now up to my eye balls in Wheat Grass, Espirolina, Maca root and probiotics. All of the food surrounding our hostel was terrible hot dogs, pizza or burgers so they also directed us how to get a healthy meal at a good price. Govinda is a vegetarian restaurant with one of the most extensive healthy buffets I have ever seen. The best part of this was not the food but dragging Mike Boston one of NZ’s most hardcore kiwi hunters to a swanky vegetarian restaurant. He insisted I kept this on the down-low but this is a way better option.


Our body is a vehicle fuelled by food so when it is running rough only premium grade fuel should be put in. I feel there is sometimes the wrong affiliation between sickness and comfort foods (e.g. KFC and a hangover) so consider this when your body is asking for a bit
of help.
Everything going well we will head to the mountain in two days time and start this adventure all in the name of raising money and awareness for Mental Health in NZ. Diet can actually be a huge factor contributing to low self worth, fatigue and fuelling mental illness so it all ties in here.
If you would like to make a donation to Mental Health NZ this please click here


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