Proposed Itinerary

Day one (8th Jan)- Puenta del inca to Confuencia.(3,360m) 3-4 hours

Day two- Confluencia to base camp. (4,370m) 6-7 hours

Day three- Rest day

Day four- Acclimitization trek to La Bonneta (5,000m)

Day five- Carry to Camp Nido De Condores (5,380m) 4-5 hours, Sleep Base camp

Day six- Rest day

Day seven- Move up to Camp Nido De Condores (5,380m) 4-5 hours

Day eight- Rest day

Day nine- Carry to Camp Colera (5,870m) 5-6 hours, sleep camp Nido

Day ten- Move up to Colera (5,870m) 5-6 hours

Day eleven (18th Jan) – Summit day 8-12 hours round trip back to Colera

Day twelve- Clean up camp and decend to basecamp.3-4 hours

Day thirteen- Arrange mules and walk out to Puenta del Inca 8 hours

Note: Add extra summit days for bad weather.

This is the guide that I will use to ensure appropriate acclimatization, but the weather is the real boss up there so I may need to shuffle things here and there to make sure my summit push is safe and has a higher chance of success.

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