This is not a joke, at 10:00am yesterday morning Mikes backpack with his passport, 4x go pro, handy cam, solar charger, power pack, ice axe, gps, suunto watch charger, crampons and head torch was stolen from the bus terminal in Mendoza. I was getting some food and Mike was with the gear when he noticed that his backpack was missing. Somehow someone had managed to swipe the backpack and get away with it.

What do you do when this happens? A) freak out and run around acusing and searching people B) give up our challenge and head to the NZ embassy in Buenos Aires C) Stop, take a breath, and come up with a plan. We ran with option C.

We missed our bus and headed back to Hostel Savigliano, where the legendary staff there helped put Mike in touch with the NZ embassy and the tourist police. While Mike was filling in a report I got to work trying to replace some of our kit to keep this adventure alive. A really long story short, within two hours we had the police report sorted, an online emergency passport was on its way to being processed then sent to the hostel in Mendoza and I had made strong headway in improving our gear situation.

Three years ago I met my friend Leandro on Mt Aconcagua and explained my situation to him asked for some help. He immediately put me in contact with his friend Matt whom I was originally just trying to buy a go pro or equivalent from and the next part of this story is truly remarkable. Matt is a mountaineer and climber from the Yukon in Alaska and has heaps of experience and expertise in adventure filming and photography and is an all round good sort.He met me at the bus terminal and we started yarning about what had happened. He said that he had checked out my website and feels really strongly about the cause and wants to help any way he possibly can. We continued our chin wag and ten minutes later he said “you know what!, screw it man I’ll just come along and film you at my expense”.

Sea2summit7 has really had some hectic spanners thrown into the works in the past and I know there will be plenty more but this was one of those times where I felt so blessed and there is so much aroha surrounding this journey. The dream stays alive and is now more powerful than ever as three is definitely not a crowd but a charm. We are still waiting to hear if Leandro (also a local adventure photographer) is going to turn us into the awesome foursome. Currently we are ‘borrowing’ some wifi we found in order to send this message, and we will not be able to contact again for 2-3 days. Please share this story so everyone knows what is going on and that we are ok 🙂

Now this is when I cannot ignore how this  all ties so beautifully into the cause of men’s mental health and the reason why we are all doing this crazy adventure in the first place. When life throws brick walls at you… Stop…breathe…. Come up with a plan of attack…. Believe in that plan…. And most importantly…. Ask For Help with it! As we were never meant to do the really hard stuff alone. There is always, always, a way over that wall if you ask for help and never give up. 

Life truly is amazing, so are people, so are you!

Take the path less traveled 

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