Location: summit of Bonette (5100m)
Thought of the day: Experiences are much better when shared
Quote for today: The only difference between being scared of the unknown and being excited by it, is the mindset you choose. 
Notes: To help our body’s adjust to the altitude, Mike and I decided to climb a nearby 5000m peak called Bonette instead of joining the mob of people on the trails (taking the path less traveled) and the whole day we only saw two other people and one of whom was the ranger.
It was an absolute cracker of a day up there and I was buzzing to have Mikes first big mountain peak all to ourselves, where just 10km away is one of South Americas busiest mountains. Sadly the last time I climbed this peak I was alone and didn’t even take a photo. I was so focussed on the overall goal of summiting Aconcagua that I treated the climb as a ‘means to an end’ and I failed to take in the incredible view and only spent a minute on the summit before heading down. But this time seeing the stoke running through Mike got me so pumped on climbing and why I actually do it! It is easy to get tunnel vision when you are consumed by an overall goal and you end up missing the beauty of some of the steps along the way. 
Tomorrow we join the minions and start our gear carries 🙂
Live in the moment. Share your experiences. Remember what brought you here in the first place.

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