This post is dedicated to anyone who is or has suffered from a mental illness. After a total of 40 days on this mountain I finally stood on the summit with tears in my eyes and great mates beside me. I was very close to giving up on this dream as I didn’t think I could face this mountain again as it had become a metaphor for failure, but… I didn’t give up, took the hard option and it resulted in the most fulfilling moment of my life! 

Never give up- on a dream you have even if others think it is crazy

Never give up- when you feel useless and tired, there is always a little more in the tank!

Never give up- on exercise and healthy eating, as it is even better for your mind than your body

Never give up- on yourself!

Now I can walk away from the shadow this mountain has cast over me for the past few years, but unfortunately the shadow follows people suffering from mental illness everywhere they go. 

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in this journey, we climbed this mountain together. If you are wondering how you can help make a difference, you can make a donation to mental health by following this link.

We leave the mountain tomorrow and will finally have some good internet access so will give more details and photos about the climb over the next few days. I have way too many people to thank and mention right now so I will just thank my climbing partners Mike and Matt who helped keep this dream alive.

Take the path less travelled and Never Give Up! #thirdtimesacharm


7 thoughts on “Third IS a charm! We made it!

  1. Yes team you made it!!! So stoked for you all –
    Especially you Dave. Proud of ya buddy.
    Can’t wait to hear all about it on your return home.
    T x

  2. Great result David,particularly after your loss on arrival. You must have felt gutted. Good teamwork. Cheers – Granddad

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