It is that time again where all the important decisions are made, support team is confirmed, dates are booked, payments made and everything starts to become real. Even though this is my seventh expidition now I can say that it never gets any easier when the crunch time comes and there is no pulling out! 

I am using the cliche in its full force that it only feels like yesterday when I was standing on the summit of Aconcagua arm and arm with Mike and Matt. I enjoyed the time off training when I got back (all nine days of it) but due to the gravity of the challenge I am about to undertake there is no rest for the wicked (cliche #2). The s2s7 journey of Denali is predicted to take up to five whole weeks to travel the 350km from the city of Anchorage to the highest point of North America. This entails five back to back marathons, a three day treck in snow shoes to the southern tip of the Kahiltna Glacier, then a nine day walk up the Glacier to base camp and a further 14 days to the summit from there. I will post full details of the route and expected time frames in the next couple of weeks, but for now it has been full admin and research mode to lock in all of the details and logistics needed to launch an expidition of this duration and nature.

My training program has been of an intense/compressed format to to the short turn around between expiditions. 

 One of the biggest challenges I face during preparation is to build the required fat and muscle stores while simultaneously increasing my fitness and running over 100km per week. I predict I will loose up to 10kg during the five weeks of adventuring due to the day to day calorie expenditure my body will burn. So if you are looking to shed 10kg this winter..?? Enquire within! 

Unfortunately is has not been all smooth sailing (#3) as I hit a bit of a speed bump on Wednesday. By speed bump I mean tree root while running through Totara Park and have sprained my ankle pretty badly.  

Luckily Abby and the team at Physio Mechanics Takanini were straight on the case (actually had a 3 hour house visit straight after it happened!) and I am already on the mend. It looks like 3-4 weeks till I will even be able to jog again so unfortunately that means I will be doing no more proper running training before I leave. On Monday I will start my rehab program on site at Physio Mechanics and try and maintain my fitness through cross training and gym sessions. This really is never made easy! 

I am really gutted about this injury but at least I have experienced this duration of run before so have an idea of what I am in for and believe in my heart that I can still do this! In the end sea2summit7 is all about never giving up and calling on other people to help when you are feeling fragile. This time there is an epic expidition team of five who will be fulfilling specific roles along this journey in order for it to be both feasible and safe. Next post I will introduce the team and explain their roles during the climb. 

For now it is rest, ice, compression and elevation with my laptop firmly perched on my lap. If you have any sporting injuries make sure you go and see the team at Physio Mechanics.  

S2s7 Denali has already begun! Stay tuned and make sure you are taking the path less traveled




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