52km,/San felipe

Thought of the day:
Set a goal, and piece it together with realistic checkpoints, u can do anything!

Song of the day:
Snow (hey oh) red hot chillies. I didn’t listen to music today but sung the chorus of this song a thousand times!

What I learnt:
The importance of the right food and water in heat endurance activities, and learn ur limits and stick to them

My sponsors today 🙂
-bivouac Sylvia park, chris is the man
-get frank
-rumble ltd

Ok I am just going to start by saying this was physically the hardest day of my life! I thought running a marathon was hard enough, walking 10 more km with 25kgs on your back in 34 degrees is a whole different ball game. I started and 6am and finished walking 10.30pm. I had to sleep when the sun was directly above me. It’s a strange feeling when you drink 7 litres of water and don’t pee once! This was a whole new level of sweating haha!
I decided after the first 5km that I was going to at least to a marathon today, and off minimal food (1 sandwich and a handfull of hazel nuts) just to put myself in a level of exhaustion similar to summit day. I achieved this, when I was vomiting at 1pm I knew it was time to have a break for a bit. I also wanted to do the day with no music and just take in what was around me. I tell u that really switches your mind on.
During my second stint I was having to stop at every bus stop for some time in the shade so this slowed me to 3km an hour but it meant I would cool down enough to do the next leg. By having the next target in mind it allowed me to loose track of time and heat and push on. Overall I am so stoked with my effort today as this will put me in scope of reaching Los Andes in 4 days, which is two days ahead of schedule.

Final thought. It was 10pm I had the pot on my left and the southern cross on my right, and I was directly walking in the middle of them to my final destination. In a strange way I felt home was guiding me.

Sorry for the delay I was to tired to blog. Tomorrows is a Doosey! but I’m making you wait 🙂

Below is a pic I took just after spewing 🙂 and the other was my first view of mt aconcagua! It’s hard to see from the photo but it’s 140km in the distance middle of the page. That was inspiring getting a look at my target



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