5550m/nedo de condores

Thought of the day:
It’s a good feeling when you pass other climbers 🙂

What I learnt:
I experienced first hand how cold it is on the upper mountain!

Song of the day:
Home, land and sea by trinity roots

-everyone who has been thinking about me over the past few days because I have been out of touch
-mike, laurie, spesty, Mitch, grub, fraze, Brent, bags, gimpy, willie, Brian b: Rosehill
-my niece and nephews, miss you heaps

I decided to drop half of my gear up to nedo de condores, and come back down to plaza de mulaz. This was a really big day but awesome for training and climatizing. I managed to get to nedo in only 4hrs 10min so I was pretty stoked with that as it is usually around 7 hours. Once I got there a storm had set in and it was snowing like crazy, so I had a quick bite and put some more layers on. Then it was the Ngaruhoe shuffle down the scree back to camp which took a little over an hour. How depressing is that! 4 hours of hard work just to fly back down in an hour.
I was feeling pretty strange when I got back so I drank a litre of water and had a sleep. I woke up feeling peachy and cooked up my sweet and sour chicken dehydrated meal mmmmm. During cooking the storm started to hit down here too, so I went to the rangers tent and it is not looking good at all for the next 2 days. Internet here is both unreliable and expensive and doesn’t work during storms. So I am going to lay low in the tent and rest and when the weather is better try and push for the summit from base camp in 2 days. But I will see how it goes.
Thanks again for your support,
P.s. I need a shower! And my socks are flammable now! 🙂
P.s.s. I can’t wait to summit then go surfing, walking is getting monotonous haha



5 thoughts on “Big day of climbing :)

  1. Dave, great stuff! Benjamin is fully reading your blogs and everything, it’s amazing.
    Rock on bro. Back up your song selections of ‘Burn to Shine’ and ‘So much for the afterglow’, yeah bro.

  2. We are thinking of you for this last bit. Off sailing on Sat But you will be constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Love Mum

  3. It’s so cool reading about your adventures as they happen – we keep looking forward to the next chapter. Praying for you too 🙂 You’re awesome!

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